Teaching Innovation


Marketplace Simulations Innovation in Marketing Education Award

Submission Deadline: November 1, 2022

The Teaching & Learning Special Interest Group, in partnership with Marketplace Simulations, conducts an annual competition to recognize innovative excellence in marketing education. This competition provides a forum for outstanding educators to share their classroom innovations with colleagues from around the world.

Innovative excellence refers to the novelty, quality and demonstrated impact of a pedagogical innovation that advances the discipline of marketing education by overcoming challenges in current or traditional approaches to course delivery.

The competition is open to any full-time marketing educator who is also a member of the American Marketing Association. Submissions will be reviewed and evaluated by a panel of judges, and the three finalists will present their innovations at a Special Awards Session at the Winter Marketing Educator’s Conference in Nashville. Following the presentations, the winner and two runners-up will be announced by the award sponsors and the leadership of the Teaching & Learning SIG.

The winner of the Innovation in Marketing Education Award will receive a plaque and a $1000 award from Marketplace Simulations, and the two runners-up will each receive an award of $250.

Your submission should be a single PDF document that includes the following items:

Cover Page: The cover page should include the name of the applicant, all contact information (address, phone, e-mail), AMA membership number, academic title/rank, and institution.

Description of the Innovation:

  1. Explain the problem or opportunity the innovation addresses, and provide a brief introductory overview of the innovation and why it is novel, relevant and necessary.
  2. Provide the specific details about the innovation itself, including, but not limited to:
    • Where, when and how the innovation is used (which courses, which level, etc.)
    • The process and/or timeline for delivering your innovation
    • The stimuli or explanations provided to students, including examples
    • If applicable, any student deliverables or required actions
    • Any resource requirements (time, money, administration, networks, etc.)
  3. Explain what is unique or special about the innovation. Please discuss, in detail, how the innovation solves the problem or addresses the opportunity identified above.
  4. Report how you assess and/or measure the innovation’s effectiveness, with respect to both
    a) addressing the pedagogical opportunity above, and b) affecting student learning outcomes. If applicable, please provide any external sources of appraisal, such as a peer evaluation, letter from chair/dean, outside businesses impacted by your innovation, etc. 
  5. Discuss the challenges or obstacles faced implementing the innovation, why they occurred, and how one might deal with them. Include discussions of any possible risks (to the institution, instructor or students), and whether any approvals (e.g., IRB, departmental) are required to implement this innovation.
  6. Assess the versatility of this innovation. How feasible is it, or would it be, to adapt this innovation for other marketing courses or levels (e.g., graduate versus undergraduate)?

Personal Statement: A two-page overview of the applicant’s teaching and learning philosophy and contributions, demonstrating the applicant’s innovative excellence in marketing education.

Condensed Curriculum Vita: A three-page abbreviated vita including the applicant’s education, teaching experience, recent publications, major service roles, and other significant contributions.

All applications shall be submitted electronically to Matthew Wilson, AMA Teaching & Learning SIG Chair, at wilso6m@cmich.edu

Please note:

  • Please submit as a single document, and do not send multiple files and attachments.
  • This is an individual award; innovations developed by multiple faculty are ineligible.
  • Winners must attend the Winter AMA conference and participate in the Special Session.
  • Teaching innovations that have won or received any award in the previous 12 months are ineligible for the Marketplace Simulations Innovation in Marketing Education Award.
  • Questions about the award may be directed to Matt Wilson at wilso6m@cmich.edu